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Twenty years ago, I had a mystical experience where I was instructed that I had the ability to channel the voice and healing power of the Holy Spirit. 

Resistant and admittedly afraid of the calling, I chose to ignore the message until over the past two years the gentle knocking became an undeniable pounding.

Today I live in humble acceptance of this gift, and I willingly surrender to this healing Power, allowing it to flow through me in service to the healing of others.

If you feel called to explore the power of the Holy Spirit within you, with me as your guide, please apply below.


Mark’s coaching is faith-based and anchored in the certainty that your highest good is at hand.  The 60-minute sessions, book-ended by prayer, take you quickly to the core of your focus and provide clear insight and loving guidance.

These transformative sessions …

  • Anchor you in your worthiness
  • Assist you in surrendering anything that’s holding you back
  • Establish your rightful partnership with the Holy Spirit, who is here to do the heavy lifting
  • Fast-track YOU to the fulfillment of your divine destiny



The Holy Spirit is a presence of love that is within you, and all, for the sole purpose of assisting you in finding your way home to the Kingdom of Heaven (which is not a location but a consciousness, a state of mind).

This is a channeled experience, which means that Mark is the vessel through which the Holy Spirit speaks and heals.

Every session opens with permission and prayer.  Mark then tunes into the Oneness of Mind & Spirit where he is typically shown images within the chakras and guided on what to say, ask, and do. Questions are welcomed and there is a clear time when a healing prayer is to be activated.  Most often it's at the end of the session, but not always.

It is helpful to focus the session on a specific area, but that too is not required.

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If you are interested in a spiritual coaching or channeling session.