And by the grace of God got the hell out!

My path wasn't an easy one but in hindsight I can see it was important, and the good far, far exceeds the pain I had to move through.

I did my time in the twelve step rooms, including 30-days in a private treatment center in Canada.  That place truly changed my life and awakened me to the spiritual side of who I am.

It also gave me an insatiable drive to consume countless spiritual books, attend every workshop possible, and eventually stand on the stage at Agape International Spiritual Center, in Los Angeles, graduating with my Masters in Divinity and becoming a Minister.

THAT ... is a long, long, looooooong way from where I came from!


I’ve done more than my 10,000+ hours on the spiritual field teaching, speaking, preaching, and practicing spiritual truths that are the cornerstones for living an authentic, faithful life.  

I know how to help people around the pitfalls of perfectionism and how to break through the fears along the path to self mastery. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t fall down, act a fool, or forget … trust me, I do.  But I’ve faced enough of the egos bull shit to be able to smell it from a mile away, and I’ve made a 100% decision that I’m not buying it – for me or you. 


One of the most important things I've discovered is that spiritual awakening is meant to awaken a natural state of JOY, CONNECTION, PEACE, & FREEDOM.  If it's not ultimately doing that ... there's something wrong.  God is COOL. Love is POWERFUL & HEALING.  And YOU ... are all those things too.  

Pro stuff …

  • I started my career as a professional dancer and choreographer, and director  – including a 3-year stint at Disney.
  • I studied under some amazing spiritual luminaries such as Michael Bernard Beckwith, Byron Katie, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Lynne Twist, Jack Boland, Marianne Williamson, Richard Rohr, and sat with Gurus in an Ashram in India.  I discovered that waking up and making some kind of difference in the world is non-negotiable.
  • In 2003, I became an ordained Minister at Agape International Spiritual Center, under the direction of Michael Bernard Beckwith.
  • I started two spiritual communities in Chicago (Why found 1 when you can found 2?).  In 2003, I founded the Bodhi Spiritual Center. Although it's no longer in existence, while there I grew from 3 people around my dining room table to over a thousand members. In 2018 I founded Cityside Spiritual Community.  I’m beyond proud of both my babies!  
  • I started an internet business that did great… Until it didn’t. I’ve thrown a good number of things at the wall that didn’t stick. In hindsight, they were times of growth disguised as embarrassments. 
  • I’m an author. I’ve written several books in my mind, but two in actuality… The Seven Living Words & Thou Shalt Not Suffer. More to come (I swear)…
  • I’m an international speaker. I’ve given talks and keynotes, created and presented at summits. 
  • I coached my face off. As a result, people from many paths are now living happier, more impactful lives. 

Dear friends, Panache Desai and his beautiful wife Jan.  Love, love, love this guy!

Speaking at Agape with my minister & teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Gabby Bernstein. One of my favorite spiritual teachers - raw, honest, inspired.

Rhonda Britton - no words to express how inspiring she is! Grateful to call her friend.


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